No Turkey for you! Err, for me.

A post hidden away in my draft folder from almost 2 years ago…  I didn’t get around to posting for the last two years. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving… Happy Thanksgiving folks! I wrote this during thanksgiving, but missed pressing that tiny blue ‘publish” button. So here ya go, better late than never, right? 😉 While […]

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Typhoons: beauty and destruction

I had a few posts ready to be published when I returned home from Korea in 2012… I am posting them now, just to have them with the collection of memories. ….I have been in Calgary for about a month and a half now. The term is buzzing by! I have so many posts for this blog about the […]

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Hi folks! Heather here- This blog started out as a documentary of my life’s adventures, however, a severe car accident has changed my path for now and I won’t be writing for a while.. lovingkindness to you all