Run, run as straight as you can.

Every night that I can, I go for a run in the heat, just at sundown. I tried running in the morning, I am always out of bed by 6am, but the sun is too much by then. Even at night, the heat leaves me a shade of red that I have never seen on me in Calgary. My skin swells up and I cannot wear my ring, because my hands retain so much water it cuts off the circulation to that finger. On these runs I head down to the river.  I noticed the river and the paths around it during my Seoul tour. The first time I tried to find it, it only took me one single block- to become lost. Several runs later, I have a route that I stick to. Once I get to the river I join the hundreds of Seoulites running, biking, and skating their days away too. There is an outdoor gym where I enter the path. People of all ages work out there and I think it is a great idea to have a workout area available to the masses. I would have to assume it is free, which sounds like a winning slot machine going off in my head every time I run by it. I am a student, after all, and free stuff rocks.

It can get a bit noisy because of the traffic above and beside me, but having the coverage from the sun it quite nice!

The one thing that does annoy me here is the fact that no one seems to run in a straight line. Ever. This is not because they are on their cell phones; they just all seem to waver back and forth without any notice to those behind them. I need a safe-zone passing lane! It is really hard to run around someone, because they just change course on me and I have to make a split second dive into a bush or the road or over a curb. Which takes considerable skill, I might add. Maybe I need a bell to ding, so they think I am a bike and then slowly sway to the right for me. This is something I will consider.

Tonight’s run wore out my sneakers. There was no warning that this was coming, they just gave out. The backing around my ankles wore through to the hidden plastic and now I have matching blisters. So no run tomorrow night. Tomorrow I get new sneakers instead.

At school, I have started to receive assignments back from my courses. Shock flowed through my veins when I held my first returned assignment in hand. Giant red circles were over every question. It turns out that these red circles are the notification of “correct”. Huge sighs of relief! I will now pass in my homework with confidence. I am also starting to get used to the hike up the hill I have to trek everyday for classes. I am so used to it now, that I also climb the stairs to the seventh floor of the building for my first class. Everyday, by the time I hit the second floor, I realize that there are way more stairs than I anticipated, even though I know how many there are from climbing them the day before. (and the day before that, etc.). I have come to dislike the elevators here. They are always so packed and ridiculously hot. They are fully mirrored too, so we all just stare at our own sweaty faces.  I also have a hard time getting to the front of the elevator to get out, so it is just easier for everyone if I hit the stairs. Also, stairs will help me to keep active when I spend so much of my “free” time locked down to my computer in my dorm.

This week seemed to be a bit of a breaking point for me. I reached the point of exhaustion, mentally and physically. Condensed term is an understatement. Four weeks, start to finish, leaves me wanting no more. I have a quiz during most classes in my Korean language studies, and I sometimes have no idea what my very sweet professor is talking about. It is nerve-racking, yet it keeps me on my toes, which is where I need to be. I am not concerned that I will not be successful here, but I have been sick for so long (a head cold that has lasted 2 week now) that I feel like I just want to sleep. The nightly runs are working out well to burn off my nervous energy, but I am dying for a yoga class!


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